About Us

SINTEK INZENERING was founded in 2014 as a small-size company with a great vision for continuous growth and development in the field of construction in Macedonia.

The beginnings were modest but thanks to its management team, SINTEK INZENERING marks every year with successful work in its field.

Although we are a relatively young company, we record only successes in the fields we work in. We have more than 50 employees who are constantly engaged and skills upgraded in accordance with the novelties in the field of construction.

We own the necessary work licenses and we are an ISO certified company.

The beginnings were certainly not easy, but the vision we have keeps us continuing to fight and survive in the market despite the great competition.

The successes that our team has achieved so far are more than a sufficient indicator that we work with high quality, on time and most importantly we have a great team that functions flawlessly.

In the years to come we hope and plan to increase our work responsibilities and thus increase the number of employees and equipment.

We remain consistent with the quality shown so far and our plan for the future is to further enhance it.